KOL Research and Profile is essentially done in two steps:

  • KOL Identification
  • KOL Profiling

KOL Identification: This is done either by conducting survey or by identifying important persons in Articles, Magazines, Newspapers, Journals, Conferences etc. Services we offer in this segment are:

  • Questionnaire Designing and Proofing
  • Translation Services
  • Executing Surveys
  • Data Entry
  • Report Writing and Analysis

KOL Profiling: Once the KOL is identified rigorous desk based research: is coducted:

  • Extensive desk based research via tracking their activities at Publications, Scientific Conferences, Congresses, Medical Associations, Clinical trials, patent repositories.
  • Creating KOL profiles physicians name, educational background, affiliation, current designation, Congress attended (Guest/Speaker), publication published, advisory boards memberships, association memberships.