“Quality is not an act. It is a Habit” – Aristotle

Inspired by what Aristotle and several others said for quality and yet keeping the things simple, quick and efficient, we delved deeper to understand the need of today’s world.

Keeping in mind Why us? We went ahead in the search to do something different that would make us The GO TO Agency for Market Research and Data Collection Needs. The answers were different, difficult to understand, so we un-complicated and got these simple 4 points to work on:

  1. Transparency
  2. Integration
  3. Quality
  4. Quick Turnaround

We solved all these problems one by one but then thought why not create a thing that can resolve all the issues and be a game changer. So we created ACS LiveTrack.

Some of our differentiators are described below:

MarkersAvorausMost Other Companies
Live Tracking of ProjectYN
Respondent Profile SharingYN
Respondent Choosing OptionYN
Top Line Analysis without any additional costYN
Within 90 days go back to respondents without any additional costYN
3-tier Quality Check ProcessYN
Prompt ResponseYN
Cost EffectiveYN
PM Plan SharingYN
Transcript Delivery DetailsYN
Missing Project DeadlineNY
Live Call TranslationYY
Y – Yes; N- No